FLYDOG K9 SERVICES which has been established with a mission to be the leading company for the working dogs in Turkey, aims to be a worldwide recognized working dog breeding kennel and training center.

FLYDOG has full confidence for the preventive, deterrent, operational and forensic function of working dogs and believes that they have serious superiorities to alternative methods.

FLYDOG is proud member of below international K9 organizations has incorporated their training and certification standards.
AWD – American Working Dogs
NASDU – National Association of Security Dog Users
CNCA – California Narcotic Canine Association
FPCAS – Fédération Professionelle des Acteurs Cynophiles en Sécurité
IWDBA – The International Working Dog Breeding Association
SARDUS – Search and Rescue Dogs of The United States
USPCAK9 – United States Police Canine Association

Flydog’s K9 and handler training methodology is compliant with :
EU Regulation 185/2010 and its amendments
British Standards for Handler Training (BS 8517)
United States Police Canine Association ( USPCA)
Scientific Working Group on Dog and Orthogonal Detector Guidelines (SWGDOG)
Turkish National Police Canine Approval Protocol.